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Launch career sites, activate referrals & run a high-performance recruitment for your open jobs

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Ayush Lodhi
CTO, Gocomet
We recommend Big.Jobs

Using Big.Jobs has been a revelation for our recruitment process. Their platform not only accelerated our hiring but also enhanced our employer brand significantly. The ease with which we could run referral programs was the cherry on top. A genuine asset for any company looking to hire efficiently! 🚀


The Ultimate Hiring Companion

Get paired with the ultimate hiring copilot that works alongside you, guiding you every step of the way, and handling numerous tasks throughout the hiring lifecycle
Beautiful career site & SEO-optimized job pages

Copilot will showcase the best of your employer brand and get candidates excited to be a part of your company. A branded career site sets the tone for an engaging and impactful candidate experience.

1-click apply for a seamless candidate experience

Deliver a winning first impression to potential candidates. With a dedicated tab for your jobs, candidates can assess and apply to a job opportunity in seconds

Copilot turns your employees into a powerful talent magnet

Activate your most untapped growth channel with employee referrals. Copilot will build and run an employee referral program that is easy for employees to use and for you to manage.

Make referrals fun

Motivate your team through an interactive leaderboard, bounties & gamification to boost referral performance

Hiring Pipeline
One clear overview for a smooth collaborative hiring. Keep track of all your jobs, plan interviews and keep track of candidates.
Candidate Profiles
A comprehensive profile for each candidate to make an informed shortlist for interviews (resume, skills, salary expectations, notice period, career goals).
Hiring Insights
Stay on top of your hiring with a clear overview of your hriing metrics.
career sites & job pages

Deliver a winning first impression with a Career Site

Share your company's story. Showcase your jobs.
Copilot creates a beautiful Career Site & SEO-optimised job pages in seconds. Capture the attention of candidates by showcasing the best of your employer brand.
Build a talent pool. Elevate candidate experience.
Make applying for a job a great experience for candidates by ensuring every touchpoint of their hiring journey is seamless.

A powerful referral engine to drive candidate acqusition

With just one instruction, Copilot will activate and run an employee referral program that is easy for employees to use and for you to manage


Increase in candidate referrals when staff uses Copilot


Reduction in cost-per-hire

copilot plus

Copilot meets World-Class Recruiting Team

End-to-end managed hiring with all the tools, software and humans you need to run a world-class recruitment, packaged in a single, powerful subscription
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White-labeled recruiting at scale
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Booking & managing interviews
Unparalleled candidate experience

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"We saw an extremely positive ROI with our BIg.Jobs subscription."

Bhabani Panda
Director of Product

"I worked with Big.Jobs on several searches at different levels. Each time we were successful in securing the right person."

Arjun Mahadevan
Cofounder & CEO @doola

“We were impressed by the number of engineers we were able to attract in the first two months with Big.Jobs”

Talent Acquisition @CoinDCX

"Worked out really well for DoctorPlan. I was able to hire and have the new employee join our team in days. That’s the fastest hire I’ve ever made."

Tanmay Khandelwal
Head of Product @DoctorPlan

"It’s really convenient to identify the right candidates on the product. Makes our decision making quick & easier!"

Rajat Aggarwal
Cofounder & CTO @SkilloVilla

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