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"We saw an extremely positive ROI with our BIg.Jobs subscription."

Bhabani Panda
Director of Product

"I worked with Big.Jobs on several searches at different levels. Each time we were successful in securing the right person."

Arjun Mahadevan
Cofounder & CEO @doola

“We were impressed by the number of engineers we were able to attract in the first two months with Big.Jobs”

Talent Acquisition @CoinDCX

"Worked out really well for DoctorPlan. I was able to hire and have the new employee join our team in days. That’s the fastest hire I’ve ever made."

Tanmay Khandelwal
Head of Product @DoctorPlan

"It’s really convenient to identify the right candidates on the product. Makes our decision making quick & easier!"

Rajat Aggarwal
Cofounder & CTO @SkilloVilla